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Another Day – Another Excuse

Another Day – Another Excuse

Sounds like we mustered something like 500 fans for the journey to the capital city of Tyrol. Hard to believe the official crowd figure of 1500 as Innsbruck has a digital, electronic ticketing system, and because (in the 6th minute) the official R.L.W. live ticker reported the presence of around 1000 fans, but in the last five years I’ve seen far worse attendance figures that would straighten the curliest of pubes. The short version is: ‘we lost 1-0’ away to Wacker Innsbruck Amateurs. As I am now delivering this miserable excuse for a report almost three weeks late, nobody wants more than the bare facts anyway.

Another away game missed due to work and private obligations. While our lot were watching us lose in Innsbruck or sitting at home reading their text messages, I was working and then entertaining a four-year old girl by playing a memory game with pairs of cards. Sad but true, I had to cheat (very skilfully – I thought) to beat a four-year-old. A win’s a win, as we say in football.
Anyway, I should have known it would end in tears when Barbara F started texting her ticker service five minutes into the game. Barbara texts me when (A) Dani is somewhere else in the ground, (B) there is nobody there that she knows, and (C), she has the feeling we are going to lose.
*10 minutes gone. 0-0!
The subtext should have read – ‘still 0-0 although it definitely looks like we are going to lose’.
*25 minutes. Still 0-0!
Now she’s writing ‘still’, which suggests we are under pressure.
*Half time. Yellow card for Winkler. Still 0-0!
Whatever, Barbara. You’re only writing to share the gloom.
It’s hardly surprising that the atmosphere was a little heated against Wacker – it always is, but so far the ref had only handed out one yellow card.
By the 47th minute it was two (yellow for Kreuzwirth). On 52 minutes Märzendorfer saw a straight red on we were down to ten men. On 53 we were down to nine men as Winkler got a second yellow.
Looking at the statistics of the game Innsbruck seemed to have more shots on and off target, and more possession; but it still took them until the 67th minute before they finally broke the deadlock to make it 1-0.
Barbara’s text message supply seemed to dry up after this as it was unlikely that we would get any more than a slap in the face from this game.
Between the 72nd minute and the end of the game, the referee managed to hand out another 7 (seven) yellow cards, which is one hell of a rate. If he does that until the end of the season then most teams will be fielding co-opted members of their under 17 squads.
Anyway, Austria Salzburg lost – Barbara F was lonely and depressed – and I lost two rounds of a memory game to a four-year-old; so it’s fair to say that we all had a fairly shitty Sunday.
FC Wacker Innsbruck Amateure - SV Austria Salzburg 1-0 (0-0)
Austria Salzburg played with:
Huber; Kreuzwirth (57. Kircher), Sonko, Strauss (55. Schmidt), Hirsch; Winkler, Kletzl (67. Federer), Reifeltshammer, N. Mayer, Märzendorfer; Vujic
Goal: Hinterseer (65.)
Shots total: Wacker 21 / Austria 5
Shots on target: Wacker 5 / Austria 2
Shots blocked: Wacker 2 / Austria 0
Corners: Wacker 6 / Austria 6
Fouls: Wacker 17 / Austria 26
Offsides: Wacker 6 / Austria 0
Yellow cards:
Wacker: 3 (Wildauer, 72./foul; Wörgetter, 91./foul; Gstrein, 95./foul)
Austria: 6 (Winkler, 43./foul; Kreuzwirth, 57./foul; Reifeltshammer, 71./foul; Federer, 82./foul; Kircher, 94./unsporting behaviour; N. Mayer, 95./foul)
Wacker: 0
Austria: 1 (Winkler, 53./foul)
Red cards:
Wacker: 0
Austria: 1 (Märzendorfer, 52./foul)
Innsbruck, Tivoli Stadion, 1500 spectators
Ref: Voislav Zubcic; Assistants: Peter Gruber, Cindy Zeferino de Oliveira

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