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Bregenz nil!

Bregenz nil!

A brilliant summery afternoon in Maxglan, a couple of beers and a 2-0 revenge win against Bregenz made good for the crappy game last week in St Johann. This week the victory was well deserved with star performances all over the pitch and ultimately Bregenz were made to look very ordinary; not bad – just ordinary.

Bit of a novelty, this weekend. The fact that the junior bulls dropped two points against Seekirchen was a good start to the weekend on Friday evening. Normally I’m stressed out trying to finish a backlog of work that usually appears at Friday midday – and takes up the whole of my Sundays, but this week I managed to get everything finished on Friday, including sending out all my invoices, so I was in the unusual position of having almost nothing to moan about.
Almost! Of course, it would be too much to ask for a weekend with no problems. The last time we played against Bregenz I remember reporting about a neighbour’s cat that kept shitting outside my kitchen window. Since that sighting I hadn’t seen the cat again for months. That may have been explained by the fact that we have had four or five months of snow since then and cats love to dig around in the soil when they have a shit. (I presume you want to hear this). The snow’s gone now and on Friday I caught the evil bastard red handed – or red arsed, or whatever. I banged hard and energetically on the window, but instead of running off the cat just looked back at me like a 15-year-old, glue-sniffing ASBO (Anti-social behaviour) kid in a hoodie and showed me its middle claw. By the time I got round the side of the house the detritus had all been neatly buried under a pile of damp soil.
This is a black and white cat, which brings me back to the game. Schwarz-Weiss Bregenz (currently SC Bregenz) also had to completely reboot a few years ago, in their case after bankruptcy, and have also made it all the way back to the third division of Austrian football. Even if they only managed to gather up a hard core of about 15 fans for the 3 or 4 hour coach trip to Salzburg, the fact is they came. Respect.
On paper, after a 5-1 away thrashing you would be looking to play safe and keep hold of a point or sneak a win, but we never started like that. From the off it was obvious that we wanted more from the game than Bregenz. Unlike St Johann, Bregenz looked like they wanted to play open football rather than just park the bus and wait for gaps for counter attacks. Their mistake. By trying to move the ball around Bregenz allowed Austria Salzburg to get in their faces and break them down. The aggressive start bore first fruit after 5 minutes when Nico Mayer was yellow-carded for a foul. However, we continued with the high blood-sugar strategy and as we easily had the balance of play it wasn’t a hard game to watch. With Bernd Winkler playing well on the right of midfield we got a lot of movement from midfield into the last third.
After 18 minutes our new slab of concrete in the defence, Pa-Ousman Sonko, stepped up on our right midfield side curling in a free kick that had CURLING INTO THE FAR POST written all over it. With a gentle breeze behind it the ball elegantly sailed over the wall, defenders and attackers alike, and slotted itself perfectly into the gap between the goalie’s hand and the corner of his goal. 1-0. If we were worried the Austria would try and sit on the 1-0 lead for 70 minutes, we needn’t have been. With Bregenz still reeling from the first goal and with their minds only half on the job, Nico scrambled in a second just a minute later and Bregenz were down on one knee. 2-0 for Austria Salzburg. After that Bregenz had more of the ball but we still looked to be in control and by half time the singing and chanting coming from the Bregenz sector had been swapped for beakers of beer. After all, it was a good day for a day out to sunny Salzburg, even if the game wasn’t going their way.
Effectively, and with the benefit of hindsight, the game was over at half time, but who wants to go home when the sun is shining? The only reason I could think of for going home, apart from spending the rest of the evening with my girlfriend, would have been to kill that f%&$§ng cat. OK; maybe execution is a bit extreme for errant crapping, but if you let one cat crap on your garden, then they’ll all do it. An example has to be set.
Second half. A yellow for Raphael Reifeltshammer on 42 minutes meant he didn’t appear for the second half. In his place came Dominik Borozni. Without it being a particularly dangerous or aggressive game the cards were flowing at a rate of one every ten minutes, so true to form the grim reaper – in the shape of Berhard ‘don’t f##k with me’ Kletzl made it 3-1 for the Austria in yellows. Two minutes later Bregenz pulled one back to make it 3-2. Borozni made it 4-2 on 65 minutes. One card apiece more and the day finished 5-3 in yellow cards for us, which maybe also reflected the effort put into the game.
In fact it would be interesting to get one of those companies in to analyse who does what in the game, because I harbour the suspicion that Peter Urbanek would win everything. Most tackles completed, total distance run, shots on target, shots off target, fouls committed, fouls suffered, passes completed, passes incomplete, throw-ins, dead balls, corners, headers – in fact if we cloned Peter and had just eight outfield players, we could play with three goalkeepers and all our opponents would be completely exhausted and start crying after 60 minutes.
Apart from Peter, I have to say there were lots of things I liked. Sonko cooled down a bit this weekend and had everything well under control. Kletzl won a lot of balls in midfield. Kreuzwirth was extremely industrious. Märzendorfer proved his quality on countless occasions and I have never seen Vujic have a bad day. Even playing with the handbrake on in the last half hour we never looked like we were going to concede a goal and Bregenz never looked like they wanted one. So what we knew after 20 minutes was what we knew after 90 minutes. A solid 2-0 for the Austria and after a trip to the toilet I was heading back to my house to check the solids in my garden.
All the best,
SV Austria Salzburg - SC Bregenz 2-0 (2-0)
Austria Salzburg played with:
Trappl; Kreuzwirth, Sonko, Oberauer, Märzendorfer; Urbanek, Kletzl, Mayer (68. Pavlovic), Reifeltshammer (46. Borozni), Winkler (57. Wührer); Vujic
1-0: Sonko (18.) (Assist: Mayer)
2-0: Mayer (19.) (Assist: Kreuzwirth)
Shots total: Austria 12 / Bregenz 6
Shots on target: Austria 4 / Bregenz 2
Shots blocked: Austria 3 / Bregenz 0
Corners: Austria 6 / Bregenz 4
Fouls: Austria 26 / Bregenz 21
Offsides: Austria 2 / Bregenz 1
Yellow cards:
Austria: 5 (Mayer, 5./Foul; Reifeltshammer, 42./Foul; Kletzl, 50./Foul; Borozni, 65./Foul; Wührer, 84./Foul)
Bregenz: 3 (Neunteufel, 31./Foul; Grabherr, 52./Foul; Lingg, 77./Foul)
Salzburg-Maxglan, MyPhone-Austria-Stadion, 1350 spectators
Ref: Gregor Danler; Assistants: Manfred Haas, Michael Margreiter

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