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Clouds over Hamburg

Clouds over Hamburg

Actually, there were no rain clouds over Hamburg at the weekend. We couldn’t have picked a better weekend to visit Hamburg than the one that ended yesterday. Sunny, warm and not at all windy. In fact the only bad news I had all weekend was from the Barbara F. ticker service with lots of information about Anif scoring and our goals being disallowed and the world being unfair; ...which it undoubtedly is. Anyway, final score Austria Salzburg 1 – Anif 3.

I can’t really tell you any more about the game than that. Apparently we played better than in recent weeks, but it was Anif who scored the goals.
0-1: Perlak (36.)
0-2: Sommer (47.)
1-2: Federer (53.) (Assist: Reifeltshammer)
1-3: Zia (94.)
Strangely enough my computer boffin buddy, Michi was also in Hamburg with his wife and some friends. There was also somebody there my girlfriend knows from back home, who’d gone there with another woman and not her husband – she said – to watch the musical ‘The Lion King’, but The Lion King is for children – in fact musicals are for children, or for people who don’t understand more about the world than children do. Perhaps worst of all for Austria Salzburg was the fact that Mikko was also in Hamburg on business. For anyone who doesn’t know, Mikko is the shaven headed one that always screams ‘alle’ (everybody) when Salva is trying to get everybody involved in the chants. Mikko knows as much about football, and admits as much, as I know about city-to-city logistics, but being a football supporter is more than just understanding the differences between a 4-4-2 and a 4-3-3. Let’s face it, our job as fans is not to shout out tactical instructions and pass on pieces of advice. We’re there to lift the team. I don’t know if my not being there made a difference, but Mikko is one of the friendly ghosts of Austria Salzburg, and they play better when he’s there. No Mikko – no win.
Shame Pauli had an away game in Cottbus, otherwise I’d have gone to see them, but in the city it was weird to note that there were far more shops selling St. Pauli merchandise than HSV stuff. Hamburg is a beautiful city and I can recommend the place to people whether they want to visit the Reeperbahn and the Grosse Freiheit or not. In fact, the great thing about the centre of Hamburg is that all the nasty tourists, who come to get drunk, have a fight and have sex, don’t need to go into the bars in the city and cause trouble. They stay in St Pauli and can have as much beer, sex and violence  as they want. The bars serve beer, the clubs serve sex and the bouncers serve violence.
Architecturally and topographically Hamburg is like a cross between Amsterdam and Liverpool, friendlier than Liverpool, as lively as Amsterdam, but with a smaller proportion of tourists. If you want to know what life looks like after winning the lottery I can recommend a walk around the Outer Alster, the lake in the heart of the city. Shit, you’ve never seen so many villas in your life. Forget all the nouveau riche tossers who live in Anif, Leopoldskron and on the sunny side of the Gaisberg, who play golf in red trousers and drive VW Touaregs, and whose wives most important possessions are a Louis Vuitton handbag and a white Yorkshire terrier. They wouldn’t even get jobs as gardeners or cleaning ladies in some of those villas. Shit-the-bed as we say in England.
Alster Pavillon, Outer Alster, Pauli, Blankenese, Speicherstadt, Schanze, Hamburg del mar beach bar... OK. I’m not here to do the job of the Hamburg tourist office, but the place is well worth a visit! Maybe, in a few years, when we have sponsors the size of cruise ships, we might play St. Pauli in the Champions League!
All the best, Roge
SV Austria Salzburg - USK Anif 1-3 (0-1)
Austria Salzburg played with:
Trappl; Kreuzwirth, Sonko, Schmidt, Tanidis; Urbanek (64. Kletzl), Winkler, Federer, Reifeltshammer (73. P. Mayer), N. Mayer (58. Borozni); Vujic
0-1: Perlak (36.)
0-2: Sommer (47.)
1-2: Federer (53.) (Assist: Reifeltshammer)
1-3: Zia (94.)
Shots total: Austria 13 / Anif 9
Shots on target: Austria 7 / Anif 6
Corners: Austria 4 / Anif 4
Fouls: Austria 23 / Anif 18
Offsides: Austria 3 / Anif 6
Yellow cards:
Austria: 5 (Reifeltshammer, 18./foul; Winkler, 58./foul; Schmidt, 78./foul; Federer, 85./foul; Tanidis, 89./foul)
Anif: 1 (Ebner, 93./unsporting behaviour)
Salzburg-Maxglan, MyPhone-Austria-Stadion, 1300 spectators
Ref: Thomas Hochstaffl; Assistants: Johannes Pummerer, Gerhard Schmiederer

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